Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote,
Geoff Sebesta

Actually, that was the end of book six of Fief.

Circumstances vis-a-vis comics have changed substantially, and I am now entirely engaged upon a new comic that I’m doing with two collaborators, Mike Comeaux and Joey Graham, and we’re working on this new thing called Monomania.

What that means though is that this chapter of Fief, which only had ten frames left to run anyway, has been unceremoniously pushed to the side for a bit. Which is okay, because I think by ending the story right here it’s a little more interesting. It’s an accidental cliffhanger, but I’ll take it. If you’re really in some way offended by that, I’ll tell you what happens next; Leda’s mother slaps her for running away. Because Leda’s mother suffered a TBI and cannot control her anger. The end, start of the next chapter.

Or, as it turns out, that’s the start of the next chapter and then all the stuff about Robocop and the hypnotic video games happens.

But not for a bit! Because I’m going to let Monomania pre-empt this channel for a while. I’m going to start with a few days of preliminary sketches and then probably launch right into panels. I have some ideas for those panels.

Anyway, that starts this Thursday! So you can still come here twice a week and find interesting things to see, and Fief will return after this short break. I’m really hoping to have the first book of Monomania done by Christmas.

Radio Free North Hollywood.

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