March 2nd, 2009

mitsu bishi, avatarbug, ambush bug

Cloudhopper 029 and 030

And from here on in things get much weirder. On with the frogs!

Not sure if you heard about scans_daily getting shut down, but it's true, it's gone, and if Peter David didn't do it he sure has no problem taking credit for it. Ah, what a ludicrous tragedy.

The worst thing is that PAD is (was) someone who I honestly respected and liked. I really would have preferred that someone objectionable had acted the fool. Oh, well.

We have lost the best comics analysis and discussion forum I've ever seen. Sucks. We can't even look at the archives.

I may copy some of my posts over here someday, but at the moment I feel a little dispirited. The whole G. I. Joe analysis is gone, for example.

Now seems like a very good time to remind you that I will never, ever get angry at you for reposting anything I do. Ever. I'm a lot more likely to be grateful. Feel free to say anything you like, give away spoilers, compare me to Hitler, whatever. I'm a grownup. I can handle it.

For the convenience of all (especially those who want to compare me to Hitler) the entire series is reprinted below the cut. I promise no more standing-around-looking-confused strips for, oh, at least six months.

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